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                The Downes Construction Company is a construction services firm that delivers a unique combination of technology, in-depth staff experiences and a family commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality, performance, and integrity. The company has successfully responded to owner needs since 1934 building repeat business from a broad range of clients. The company's long-standing presence in New England has provided clients accessibility long after the physical construction of their facility is complete.

                The Downes Construction Company offers a full range of construction related services from project planning and design phase consulting to construction. The company performs value engineering studies and workshops that save the client money and costly construction time.

                SERVICES INCLUDE

                • Project Feasibility Studies and Planning
                • Design Build/Financing
                • Construction Administration
                • Construction Management
                • Project Management
                • General Contracting
                • Conceptual Budgeting and Cost Estimating
                • Purchasing and Cost Control
                • Master and CPM Scheduling
                • Quality and Safety Program

                MEET OUR TEAM

                2019 New Britain High School Job Shadow Program:
                CREC Aerospace Elementary School, Rocky Hill

                Under Construction East Hampton High School

                Project Under Construction:
                Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Campus, Hartford

                Under Construction East Hampton High School

                Recently Completed:
                CCSU Willard DiLoreto Halls

                Under Construction East Hampton High School

                OUR WORK